Grant: Habitat For Humanity


The Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation, Inc. is proud to sponsor a collaboration between Habitat For Humanity Capital District and CEO Youthbuild.

Shortly after the death of Seymour Fox, the Estate was approached by Habitat For Humanity regarding five vacant lots that Seymour Fox had owned in South Troy. The proposal was that Habitat For Humanity would build a community there at the southern gateway to the City of Troy and name the community Fox Hollow, in loving memory of Seymour Fox. The land was conveyed by the Estate to Habitat for Humanity Capital District.

In subsequent meetings with Habitat For Humanity Capital District, we asked how we could help sponsor the development of the community. The ultimate proposal was that we sponsor a collaboration between Habitat For Humanity and CEO Youthbuild.

Habitat For Humanity is well known for helping make the dream of home ownership attainable and sustainable for hardworking lower income members of the community.

CEO Youthbuild is a national program which helps low-income people ages 16-24 earn their GED's while learning job skills and leadership development.

The Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation sponsored 711 Burden Road, one of the homes Habitat For Humanity is building at Fox Hollow. CEO Youthbuild students are helping build this home from the ground up, under the supervision of Habitat For Humanity and CEO Youthbuild personnel. As they build, they will learn the various skills needed to help them make important career choices..They will see firsthand the fruit of their labor - the completed home.

Construction of the home commenced January 2013, and is expected to be complete in August 2013. The CEO Youthbuild students can be proud that they helped build the Fox Hollow community. The community can be proud that it helped build those students' careers.

Mr. Fox worked hard, and he was successful, and he had the desire to give back to the community which helped make his success possible. The Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation therefore remains committed to sponsoring similar projects aimed at perpetuating the circle of helping those in need, hard work, and success, all necessary to make Troy a better place to live and work.

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