Grant: Healthcare Information Xchange of New York


The Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation, Inc. has a strong interest in improving the quality of healthcare and making the ever-increasing opportunities for better coordinated, more efficient care accessible to all patients in our region.

We were fortunate to find the Healthcare Information Xchange of New York (HIXNY), which shares our mission. HIXNY is a not-for-profit collaborative serving healthcare providers and patients in 16 counties throughout the Capital Region and Northern New York. Over the last several years, HIXNY has built a secure electronic service enabling the exchange of real-time health information among regional hospitals and healthcare providers. This makes it possible for a patient’s entire healthcare team to coordinate care and make decisions based on the most complete, up to date medical information.

Now, with the help of a grant provided by The Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation, HIXNY will implement a patient portal to provide patients access to their own medical information and allow communication with providers over a secure network. The goal is for the patient to be better informed and more fully engaged in his or her own care.

We feel strongly that secure and efficient access to health information - for both the patient and his or her medical providers - is essential for better coordinated, more efficient healthcare. The Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation has become a member of the HIXNY collaborative, and looks forward to working with HIXNY and its other members, helping to enable better care for the residents of our region.

More information about HIXNY, visit:;; or @HIXNY on Twitter.